Our Top Gifts This Christmas

Our Top Gifts This Christmas

Christmas time can be stressful when trying to think of gifts for the family. However, here at My Little One we want to make things a little smoother for you and of course commemorate this magical time of the year. We have gifts for your Little One which can all be personalised and through the years turn into a beautiful keepsake.

Here are some of our favourites: 

Santa Outfit 

Our customers love dressing up their Little One’s in these soft velvet outfit with plus white edging. Make it a forever keepsake by personalising it with their name to make it a special memory!


These booties are a stocking stuffer must have! We have a range of cute designs and even some with little pom-poms.

Christmas Stockings 

Of course, what is Christmas without a beautiful stocking hanging up in your living room! We have stockings that will last a lifetime and be with your Little One as they grow up. You can also get it personalised for the whole family!
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